food and health :A simple meal

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Believe it or not a good meal goes a long way, a healthy breakfast, a pick me up for lunch and a queen’s dinner are the square meals of the day. However most people do not adhere to this and eat less and less in every meal, this is a dangerous habit that comes with either social beliefs which are stupid or poverty, which the latter is a first world issue and needs to be addressed.

Eating is the ingestion of food to provide organisms with energy and allow growth, it is a feat that is shared globally and even inter-species, yeah big words, OK may just big words for me . To human beings, eating is almost a daily activity with high benefits not only to the consumer but to the environment and nature. As heterotrophic beings, I am on fire with these words, humans cannot obtain food from their selves hence need a source of food, namely kitchen.

A kitchen is a place where people take ingredients in their raw form and turn it to food, some are bad at it whereas others are good at it. Those who are bad at it stay away from the kitchen the latter get employed by big companies.
Most people can prepare a good meal and a good meal is not only important to a human body but it tastes really good and that’s a bonus.

Others haven’t the slightest idea how to cook and prepare poisons and concoctions instead of food which have a lot of negative effects. Ill prepared food does a lot of damage to the human organs and in some cases it leads to death, yeah death from food, in Africa that’s what we call a bad joke. Good cooks are ones who can make quality and quantitative food with ease, its not a gift bestowed to everyone.

To some people eating food adds to their weight and being uncomfortable with this they go to extreme measures which is not only stupid but inadvisable. Some factors can lead to people displeasing food; drugs are known to cause a loss of appetite and also alter the chemistry of the brain causing one to dislike the taste of food, Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa, these are problems beyond my human control.

Food provides energy which can be channeled in different ways, most people go to the gym and use the strength offered by food to convert it to strength and a fine tuned body, while others work a lot getting money to spend on more food, a beautiful rhythm really.

In some places or to some people coming across food is hard and hence they wind up losing strength to be productive and not only that they lose the energy and nutrition to carry out the function necessary to sustain health and overtime their bodies deteriorate and shut down.

That’s not the only scary thing that happens, there’s more to come; Weight loss, being underweight poses health risks associated with a weak immune system and that means the body will be a playground for diseases. Hypoglycemia, this occurs when the glucose levels in your body decrease, the body stores glucose in the liver and lack of food causes the depletion of the stores from the liver, resulting in hypoglycemia. Dizziness headaches and fainting are all symptoms.

You think it’s over, far from it. Vitamin deficiencies, yeah, Vitamins absorbed from food prevent diseases, support growth, development and support organ function. Vitamin deficiencies are a dangerous side effect of not eating and last one on this article. Electrolyte deficiencies, Electrolytes deplete as your body starves. Low potassium can cause heart dysrythmias and muscle spasms. All these can be life threatening if not treated with food and if they overstay medical help might be needed.

As simple an act as eating is, most people either avoid it or don’t have the ability to. Speaking of, food goes in the mouth using hands, with an apparatus called a spoon, fork or even the hand one scoops some food and leads it to the mouth where he chews making the food into a bolus and swallows, always swallow…after chewing. Eating is healthy and one of the most important activities as humans we need to do, so turn away from social beliefs and stuff your mouth with that yummy nummy food, son.

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