How to cook a simple meal.

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Don’t worry, I got you. Cooking food is one of the most important activities in human life, it is either taught by a parent or a cook or your lovely wife or the maid or your whiny baby sister.

it’s that simple…

If one doesn’t know how to cook, they can order food or prepare packed food which comes with simple instructions such as boil water and let it steam. Weirdly some people still do it wrong.

Preparing food has a special kind of joy.

Hard to explain.

Well when preparing food one gives it 100% focus so as to not miss a single detail. Making pizza is different from making ‘ugali’ and making tea or coffee is different from preparing a drink like vodka. But as with everything, it takes one step at a time.

In the world there are a lot of ingredients that can be used for cooking; Onions, tomatoes, garlic the list is endless or maybe just too long. But cooking is simply knowing how they each can be used and put into food without ruining the taste of the food or the ingredient itself.

Each and every ingredient has it’s unique purpose like onions have a balanced flavor that other foods can be placed on and tomatoes provide a base for the rest of the ingredients. so no matter how different they are, each of them adds a value to the food. Sort of like humans and the world, love you guys.

Step by step instructions that guide someone into cooking are called recipes. They are so simple that even the most numnuts of people can follow. I mean most people find challenges in tasks such as chopping onions or peeling potatoes but that just requires practice. Following a recipe is so easy because a tablespoon of salt literally means a table spoon of salt but needs lazer focus and if one starts with easy foods he will climb a ladder on cooking things such as pizza in no time.

Time, while making food checking on time is so important because a minute more or less in adding an ingredient can change the whole meal. One has to be cautious about time while cooking and make no mistakes that include adding an ingredient too early or too late, timing of food can be known within professional cooks but for amateurs, keep your eye on a clock or watch but not the phone, no phones in the kitchen, that is a golden rule.

And with this we’ll be ushering you to the behind the scenes of your favorite meals.

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