Don’t Fret, Problems Come and Go.

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You know the saying of a problem shared is a problem half solved? Well, it literally gets half solved. People find it hard to prepare for problems and when problems arise people act un-accordingly and wind up making wrong decisions and making them worse and worse. Problems are a real issue in an individual’s life and if left unchecked some worldly problems lead even to suicide and no one should lose their lives over problems.

Problems are a part of life, I mean even the predators go hungry from time to time which to them is a problem and the prey has to stay on a look out for predators, again a problem. See both have problems, problems do not discriminate; rich or poor, animal or human. Everyone has problems and the worst part is they get worse with time if handled wrong. From a king to a pauper, problems attack everyone but that does not matter well it does but not as much as people make it.

How you face a problem is what matters, as a person, one either views a problem as a stepping stone to a stronger and better person or as a weight that will drag you down a never ending abyss. Sure not all problems are the same and I may be speaking out of Naiveté having lived only two decades but I have seen how people tackle problems and they contribute a huge role in not only their lives but those around them.

Elder people and adults are whom the young children look up to, Fathers, grandfathers and next door neighbors. When a problem gets to them, most fathers don’t let their frustrations get the better of them but smile and face the problem, as a child seeing this will motivate you so that when a problem faces you and it is your turn to face it you do so, gracefully as your father did. Or, as a father you let this problem bring you down and eat you up. Frustrations and complaining become the order of the day, your child will learn from this and when his time comes he will be weak, unable to solve a simple life problem.

As much as problems vary; from having to hide in a sewer for dear life to sending a message by mistake, people are capable of great feats if only they see that they are above all. I mean seriously, this world is ours and we are supreme so what problem would come that humans aren’t capable of facing? (Thanos) except that.  The thing with life is that, nothing is written in stone, nothing is permanent and all can be well again if only one has a winner’s will power and the sense to move forward above everything.

Thanos killed half the world with his infinity gauntlet and I was one of the people who didn’t go bye bye in the wind. This is a problem.

Back on track, it is not a new thing in this world to be faced by problems and know that it is not just you with the big problem that you are currently facing, you have the support of those around you and in the end that should be enough to push you forward and not only that let you rest easy.

If friends and will power aren’t enough to solve your problem, try drugs or pray to the Lord. Probably try the latter first.














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