The Unspoken Rules of Friendship

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A friend,

a person who you have no ties but love unconditionally and a person who is willing to accept you as the person that you are without any intention of changing you. Friends were easy to come by in some time but now it seems making enemies are easier, friends require a level of trust, understanding and loyalty and it needs to not only be mutual but reciprocated. I think with this we can factor in what friendship is.

Friends have a lot of uses in our lives, if we choose to die for them we might wind up living but if we choose to live for ourselves we might die instead. Don’t know if that made any sense but my point is its better to die for a friend than to live for yourself because friends always got each other’s back through thick or thin. Its actually as cool as it sounds.
There are rules to being friends, some can be said out loud like; no lying, protect one another and lunch is always on the other friend. However there some rules that are clearly so clear and have no right or excuse for being broken under any or all costs, such rules are the cause for many unmarked graves and prison inmate numbers. These rules I will break down for you, you I will break down for.

Rule number one

Stay away from the sibling

No matter how hot your friend’s sister or brother is stay away from them. Sure a relationship or a fling with them sounds good and there is a good foundation. As a reason to why this is a big No…no, relationship with a friends sibling leads to ultimatums and picking. Either you choose your friend or your love, whichever it is you are bound to choose one and lose the other. To avoid this, stay away from siblings.

Rule number two

Don’t hit on my girl/boyfriend,

I mean this rule is so self explanatory and obvious. You do not go after your friend’s partner, sure with you he/she can have a better happier relationship but is it really worth breaking your friend? No matter how tempting it will appear, no matter how mouth watering she/he looks and no matter how many voices tell you to go get it don’t. A relationship is not strong enough to break a friendship if as a friend you realize there’s a fine line between your friends relationship and your friendship, don’t cross that line.

Rule another

Don’t talk about me without me.

Backbiting is a curse, a bad habit that should not be condemned. Talking about someone feels good, if that person is a friend and you are talking him up or pointing out his good habits but when it turns to badmouthing as a responsible and good friend either make yourself scarce or block your ears and repeat falalalalala!

Rule another part II

We walk together, we get beaten together or fight together.

In case a fight arises, throw the first punch, should it miss and you get kicked to the ground it’d feel better to look to your side and see your friend with you. It’d be better comforting if you could fight and are fighting but in this instance you are on the floor getting kicked about but you know what is better? You have a friend taking the kicks with you.

Rule the last:

If we starve together, we eat together.

It is hard times in this world, poverty and chaos reign supreme especially with a man like D T being president of one of the most powerful ,lets forget that. Point is it is not an odd thing being in bad situations, it’s a beautiful thing to see your friend there with you but when you get goodies be sure that your friend who starved with you has a place in your table, I’d even go so far and say I won’t have a drink in my hand without one in my friend’s hand.

Be a friend and if you feel like screwing your friend by breaking one of the unspoken rules, know there’s a special place in hell for you engraved your name in silver for all eternity. if you have more to add leave them in the comment section.

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