Bestfriends among dudes

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A guy’s bestfriend.
It doesn’t come to light as often as it does for our partner species but guys do have bestfriends and we (guys) rely a lot on them.

Picking and Maintaining a bestfriend.

Being friendly to guys as a guy is not an easy thing, in fact it is said that guys become friends by accident. We just met, I mentioned Fifa and talking about Hazard’s hazard later we are capable of following up on a conversation days later. After this guys usually share awesome clips from YouTube or get together in support of a football team and shout when Midoriya activates; One for all.
So it is natural that without knowledge or will a guy will befriend another guy and become friends. As a friend not much is asked in fact very little is asked, it is known however that men rarely ask for favors and rarer grant them. In the case that they do, it is simple favors like; play the role of wingman or drive home or let chic A hide while chic B… I’m probably sharing too much.
Maintaining a friend is easy, just need to have the same attitude towards life or be polar opposites that in some weird way attract. Or have a goal a same goal, most people will say money but a goal deeper than that. With money it’ll be attained so with it as a foundation for friendship is very weak, with a deeper one, one that is not easily attainable and is dreamy the foundation for friendship will be strong.
When two dudes become as thick as thieves, nothing other than actual thieves could split them. Friendship in a guy’s life is a valuable and doesn’t waver easily, most girls don’t understand the deep friendship that is between men and at times use their seductive powers to try and separate the guys. Seven out of ten times it works however to most people they understand that friendship is bigger than any person.
When guys survive the tribulations of being friends together that’s when they cross the line and become bestfriends compared to girls who see that they are both wearing the same pair of socks and brand themselves the best of friends or the BFF. Guys don’t put on much emphasis on being bestfriends or being friends but they do put those words into action.
Words into actions.
In a neutral state of life, friends come in handy and help exponentially in ways we cannot even fathom, example is; hooking your friend up with a job or hooking one up with a hooker the point is friends come through. Guys talk better with actions, instead of apologizing for every little misdeed they just make it right and learn and the next time they do not do it.
Sure most people say that “I’m sorry” goes a long way but with an expensive hooker and Jameson at your hand and lap respectfully, you can never go wrong. It is easier to make amends if the action you done is brought to light instead of hiding from it and talked about instead of being assumed over and over again and being spread through rumors and being enemies from out of the blue.
It is easier to make friends than it is making enemies, try making a friend who is a fellow dude and you will not regret it in any way should he be loyal e.t.c.

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