Rise up to Failure Success Awaits.

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what is Failure?

In school, most people are told that failure is the opposite of success. This is mini true, failure is not the opposite of success at best it’s a stepping stone to success, though most people don’t understand this. It is true that success is the opposite of failure but it is not written in stone, one can fall to failure easily just as with hard work, dedication and the right attitude one can rise to success.

Here is where the problem lies, when a person fails, this comes with the feeling of hopelessness and despair. Feeling low after failing is important because if one doesn’t feel low then he/she was not really invested in the failed activity but if one fails he feels low then by the grace of friends or God he remembers who he is and gets up again and tries again.

That is the difference between success and failure, getting up. When a person finds the motivation to get up and try again he already has won in more than one ways. Finding the strength and motivation to try again is what separates the wheat from the chaff, the winners from the losers and the ying from the yang. It is hard to find the strength, it is even harder to start over in hopes and expectation of different results but in truth and it is known from the queen to a simple pauper, you will not fail again.

Most people are used to failure and reside in it. It is not that they lack anything it is the mindset of loss that has been imprinted in them and they see themselves as incapable of doing anything, it is a revolting sight and really one that demoralizes those who look up to you.

Everyone has someone who looks up to them, nothing is more impressive than seeing someone make a comeback, I mean they are the best even better than introductions, comebacks. When a hero makes a comeback he wins not because he is different from the last time but because he is strong enough to admit a loss and smart enough to realize his mistakes.

Failure and success do not define people, only the person in the mirror defines who you are. Don’t let the failure get you down, we only fall so as we can get back up – batman and Alfred. Believe that you are that strong, believe that you are that wise and give it another try, besides you’ve already failed so what more is there to lose.

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