I Dreamt of You Last Night

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I dreamt of u last night,

Untamed beauty right there in my sight,

Butterflies in my tummy finally broke their cocoon,

Summer love, felt like we were in June,

Closer and closer you got,

Smiling back like, damn your hot,

I wished if you could be me,

So you could see what unbelievably I see,

Approached n placed your hand into mine,

Planted a kiss on me, n boy was it fine,

In your eyes I could see unspoken promises,

All sealed by each and every one of your kisses,

You seem to be the kind that would leave my heart in pieces,

But you might also be the holder of the other half that my heart misses,

The taste, sweet cheery wine,

your lips on mine as our tongues intertwine,

Hands around me you hold me tightly,

Erotic love like we’ve had it for eternity,

Jumped legs around me like you read my thought,

Never stopped to think if we might get caught,

Just went with the tune,

Love gone wild under the moon,

Alarm goes that’s the end of our flight,

I dreamt of u last night. 🙂

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