My Eternal

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You have a place in my heart any day

We’ll never have to part this I pray

you are the love of my life I boldly say

Until the day the blue sky fades away

I’ll be yours



We’ve had our highs n lows no lie

There are people who want us apart I can’t deny

No matter what they try you’re still the apple of my eye

Until the day the beautiful stars fall off the sky

I’ll be yours


U make me feel what I thought id never feel

U make me soft when I thought I was made of steal

Treasure you forever, that I will

until the river starts to flow uphill

I’ll be yours


There’s love sweet love I was told

Its in the air you’ll catch it like a cold

My love I want u in my arms in the days ill grow too old

Until the day old turns to gold

I’ll be yours

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