Progress in Relationships

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A relationship between two people is founded on the basis of trust, loyalty and none of that. Most relationships are done because two people liked each other, from personal experience the trust and love come later. A lot of people stress themselves as to why their relationships don’t work out and it is not as quite simple as I will say but… they don’t work out because relationships are being done wrong.

Sure you meet this hot dude/girl and in time you will brand him your boyfriend and before you realize it one has moved from their place and now co-habituating with this boyfriend next a little human conceived from the ill begotten love runs around the place, if movies and TV series are to be trusted that’s when most people wake up and leave; sad, forever alone and boozed up.

Relationships start as early as being a child and go on for life, it may be sad but maybe grandmother and grandfather are the only ones who did relationships right. Being with a person does not mean that you love them or are willing to tolerate them for life it just means that they are your current… I am getting off topic.
To understand relationships one simply needs to look back at how his/her relationships progressed. Now any characters mentioned in this yer article are purely fictional and did not give me their number at the end so, let’s proceed.

  • 6 years old
  • 11 years old
  • Teenage years old
  • 20- Adult
  • Pre-married
  • Married
  • Post married.

In limelight, those are the only age brackets that need be addressed.

6 years Old:

At six years old, relationships are simple and pure. Boys are afraid girls will give them cooties and girls are sorely focused on their dolls feeding time (rather cute), relationships come in simple forms; conversations, spending time and a peck (Like the big people do). Relationships at this age rarely fail because they are build on friendship and they sadly come to an end should the parents intervene or age happens.
Due to naiveté not a lot happens and nothing is explored. Thank God.

11 Years Old:

This is during the last years of middle schools, expectations and I have no idea how these work, I was the single guy in class, all alone, at the corner but it worked out (no it didn’t)

Teenage Years Old:

This is the worst time to try relationships; not only are hormones and idiocy a real issue but these beings do not understand the power in experiments. This is where most (the cool kids) lose their virginity and cross over to the adults side (In name only though), this is also where teenage pregnancy surfaces and ruins a young lass’s life. They feel like they wish to experiment on acts best left to those not of teenage years and when they wrongly perform said acts, impregnate some young girl in the end they are filled with regret. So if you are a teen, don’t do sex, better yet don’t do relationships all right? All right.


I’m sorry, this period is mostly about sexual relationships. I really, really do apologize. For most guys your prowess can only be measured by how many women you’ve laid, some is the many ways you can lay a woman and for some it’s how good you are when laying a woman. For women I only know its how many guys can be blue ticked or kept on hold or done wrong.
At this age, most people know the measures to take before, during and after engaging in coitus. It is recommended by specialists to release the tension once in a while, it is not recommended but a lot of people in this age engage with so many people, I mean the number is unbelievable but they have multiple partners and take pride in it, after all the many the better.


It is a beautiful thing seeing two random people getting together for marriage, deciding that the partner is theirs for life and tying them down, denying him/her of the fruit salad that was freedom and believing that both of you will grow old in the same porch as your grandchildren play on the lawn; splashing water, jumping around and getting dirty.
This is the planning stage of relationships and at this curious stage is where temptations are brought forth. If one is strong one will get married but in the opposite scenario where wasn’t strong, another one gets left alone in an altar crying and becoming a meme.


Hahahaha… I can’t help but laugh at the thought of this, losing all freedom and having a wife or husband.
Post married.
Most of these guys wind up in strip clubs every Wednesday and have different hookers in bed every other day.

So if you are in a relationship do stuff that are in your lane, if you try to hurry it up you’ll be single forever just like me and with a baby mama from high school like him. Don’t be a 20-adult getting a hooker, wait for your turn.

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