Blessing : The Beginning of a Story .(Part 1)

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Since Jacob and Esau, blessings have become valuable in the world unknown yet so valuable. A blessing from a father could earn you a place in heaven and a place at God’s table, the birthright was simply a trade in from the world’s perspective but in the realm of Gods and demons a blessing is worth way more.

In the bible stories, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, he was the first child to give away his birthright he was also the first to give up something so valuable in the eyes of God.

After Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, no matter how much he pleased his father, the blessing that should have been his would have been Ill bestowed. But had Esau not sold his birthright and got his blessing he would have been the father of the twelve tribes. Instead Jacob played both Esau and his father and…

May God give you the dew of heaven, and the richness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine. May nations bow down to you and peoples become your servants. May you be the master over your brother, and may your family and descendants that shall come from you rule over his family and his descendants. Blessed be those that bless you, and cursed be those that curse you.

Jacob got the blessing instead of his brother Esau and for the rest of Esau’s life on earth he served his brother Jacob who became known as the father of 12 twelve tribes and a ruler known far and wide.

I got a blessing from my parent and that was the beginning of the world war that saw more causalities than was expected. I mean I thought that not more than one person would die but my younger sister Sue stands over the ashes of a torn Nairobi.

Desperate to gain the blessing she killed over two thousand people in an hour, went to a rampage with a pack of demons. The blessing after being bestowed let out a light of pureness to the world, all the good was reflected to their owners and the evil was reflected to the evil as well.

Religious nuts dubbed it the second coming of Christ and riled out that God was the real God, denial was the order of the day and religious leaders over the world went on frenzy. Only I knew why the light of pure holiness was brought in the world, it was the blessing, a real blessing bestowed by a father touched by the Lord to a son truly deserving, an act not seen since Isaac and his son Joseph…

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