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What qualifies someone to write something for the public like blogs, a news paper or a magazine?

News and news papers are a common thing. It is a tradition since yellers(for lack of a better word ) on the road “Extra! Extra! Get your news here”, so it is safe to say 99% of the world know of news. With the new form of news papers taking birth (blogs) I saw it fit to write about something someone might read.

Then I wondered, what makes me smart enough or fit enough to write something that may affect the public?

Most writers have no idea what they do when they fill a page with nonsense on a trivial issue. It’s worse that they feed this to the public. I just saw a political article written as if from a view point of a child, bearing half truths and speculations. Public writing is not for everyone who can read and write.

Reading newspapers has helped shape society in one way or another. Our fathers and grandfathers read the newspapers and they always seemed enlightened and had conversations that held merit and seemed serious. With the technological advances and millennials, sources of reading will quickly draft to blogs and online articles.

What if blogs were filled with nonsense instead of helpful ideologies?

OK, what if they were filled with poorly written stories?

what if they were paying no attention to grammar or the flow of the story?

And what if they were half of what is written turns out either incorrect or as false information?

Would we still depend on blogs or be as lost as sheep?

Sure I’m not to be excluded since the internet has some of my “Poorly written scripts” however that does not mean that learning is impossible, in fact we live in a world where nothing is impossible, honestly anything that the human brain can conceive is possible so is good writing.

First of all is the Queen’s language English, most of the people in Africa don’t understand English, not that it is a bad thing, we just have a lot of French and click noises to communicate so English has rarely been a priority.

In school, based on my personal experience, we used to be taught English by a teacher who hated speaking in English, the guy would teach English in Swahili then clearly teach Swahili after.

Writing in a common language like English requires a good command of the language being spoken and being written.

Second are the poorly written scripts, if it helps, after writing, read through it one last time and you will find some mistakes and even read through your story. Become your first critic controlling what you give out to be read and what you want to be done.

Another helpful tip is knowing how to introduce your story, give it some meat to be chewed on and end it with dessert! That means end it in a cool way.

Blogs and online articles are cool, I started reading the Standard online page and found it quite enjoyable and informative. If you are a writer or aspiring writer do the one thing that will make a difference in the audience that reads your material, focus.

Writing is a skill that is revered by those who can’t. I once read a Stephen King novel and cried thinking I can’t grow to that level but with enough time and practice, let’s wait and see.

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