Blessing: Part 2 (Continuation)

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….(Continuation from blessing part 1) Only I knew why the light of pure holiness reflected on the world. It was the blessing, a real blessing bestowed by a father touched by the Lord to a son truly deserving, an act not seen since Isaac to his son Joseph.

The young student from the far university felt the blessing being bestowed, she longed for it her whole life and broke at the thought of it being already bestowed, evil was what was reflected on her and she saw what she was. Her whole life she’d devoted her life to making her father proud; studying and sleepless nights so as to earn a blessing that she revered since a child.

Before the blessing, she was known as Dr. Sue, the sole creator of the ‘HIR’ dose. The HIR dose was the long awaited cure to the incurable Hiv/Aids virus. Her ambition was to make the dose available to anyone who would need it but had she gone through conventional methods the cure would never have met her ambition. Only she knew the contents of the cure and she intended on making it forever remain that way, one day through a simple face-book post she made the world surrender their attention to her.

Patient ‘X’ a man who was rotting away at a public Machakos hospital, full blown with the Hiv/Aids virus he awaited death as it came ever so slow. With a camera and him by a bed, Dr. Susan gave the first and then only dose of ‘HIR’ and clicked the button record. It lasted for a total of Four weeks and three days, and in that span patient x became better and better with each passing minute. Dr. Sue cared for him after giving him the dose and when he had the ability to stand, speaks a show gratitude he did and that was when the video got turned off.

It was a new beginning for human-kind, an age of conquering the impossible and with Dr. Sue’s act laying as foundation for this. Organizations and countries globally sent specialists and doctors to investigate and as sure as water is clear, no trace of the Hiv/Aids virus was traceable in patient x system.  More questions arose than answers, with patient x having no recollection of who he was before coming to contact with Dr. Sue and Dr. Sue herself having vanished from the public’s eye and all her research gone up in smoke.

The only sample of the ’HIR’ dose was in patient x and the specialists and doctors who still remained skeptical wanted the substance tested, patient x however did not. After a fruitless back and forth a sample was to be extracted from patient x’s system and since this would be history in the making everyone should have the chance to bear witness.

The plan dictated to the public was so simplified; extract a sample from patient x, study it and multi-produce the cure that would cement man-kinds future, but it was not that simple. Patient x died the next minute after blood was extracted from his arm, upon further investigation it was known that it was the specialists interfering that caused the death but the blame was placed on an innocent Dr. Sue with her life’s work being called “The cruel joke”  and her ‘the doctor that only proved she could’.

The people around Dr. Sue started being reprimanded, the students of the school associated and patient x made a martyr to a cause by Dr. Sue. After a while the president came in favor of Dr. Sue and presented her with a grant to continue her work and for the first time the world saw the marvel that was Dr. Sue.

Her soft and warm smile that was bespectacled, her short well trimmed dreadlocked that made her look more memorable and a lab coat that represented her ambition as a doctor, she wanted to explain herself but the ones that attended started berating her with a million questions, she handled the anger and hate with finesse that the world restored the current state of hope.

Even with the support of the president, the healed children and people that spread the message of Dr. Sue did not rally everyone to her cause of a world without infection, this was a great cause that she would have earned her the blessing but it only brought shame to the one she tried to make proud and the heartbreak she felt when she saw the light being bestowed to her daft elder brother and the evil that reflected on her sent her on a murderous rampage…


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