Jezebel: The untold darkness (part 1)

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I was there when Jesus was crucified, impossible as it sounds but I am immortal. When he gave his last breath, the bible says that the earth split in two, literally. The truth is people became free. Evil no longer stayed and cowered in the darkness, it found a release, finally it had won.It all started with human ambition then desire after which came lust and greed and finally the world became dark. Mothers ceased to be. I don’t think they wanted to bring innocence in a dark world so with time the population began to decline. I had a wife and two daughters, Shine and Jezebel.

At a point it was torture thinking about how men would barge in my home and have their way with them, Jezebel realized the rot in the world and saw the darkness.

“Daddy, the world will be filled in blood. The messiah lied and he’s left”. When Jezebel said those words relief came to me. I was clouded with thoughts of ending my family to spare them from the evil that is the world, but I could not do that and be different than the world.

I had not known what lay behind deaths door so that also challenged me. “Go to your mother Jezebel, keep her warm” I sent her away to stare at the foundation of evil that the world had started.

It took time but finally the world that was promised to men, belonged to men. Evil became the order of the day and my girl Jezebel became a strong pillar in this new world.

Seer they called her, her power of prediction became a treasure to the evil world one look and she could prophesy what you would come to do. She got respect, got feared and power, she loved the world covered in blood and by her side laid her mother being kept warm.

Queen Jezebel from the old books was loathed because of the ambition she had and Elijah with God’s followers sought her and fed her flesh to beasts. I would never let anything of the sort happen to mine so I told her not to be afraid to take lives and fight for herself she responded “I am not the one who you should worry about”.

Shine took a different way, she feared the world and the darkness that came with, so when Jezebel left to build her life, she took her own life on a tall Oak tree in the middle of a dry desert. I sat there for two years feeding on insects and myself until her body rot. Her beautiful face fell apart, her body filled with stench, turned to bones and finally withered away.

I stayed away from my daughter Jezebel because of what she had foresaw. I vowed to stay away from her until my death. On my journeys, I encountered all sorts of men. Wizardry and magic had made their way back. It was a testament to what Jezebel foresaw the world full of blood. The magic that filled the air was black magic, a form of magic that used blood to return power.

What people didn’t know is that demons from hell would feed on the blood and offer their power as magic, this corrupted men and they sought to have more and in doing so they released the demons to the earth. I would sit silently and watch as it all unfold.

One night as I lay underneath a sewage passage, Jezebel’s voice came to me “Suddenly its becoming clear, sworn protector killed me when he abandoned me. Oh! Seek him and bring him back to me.” Jezebel saw the demons rushing from the bowels of hell and wanted her father by her side to protect her. I made my way to her and embarked on a long journey. Mans magic could not even come close to the power of a demon, so the unwise who sought to challenge them, would perish or worse.

A man called Haruk saw to kill the demon Beelaboob. He was imprisoned and fed the blood and flesh of a demon and was cursed with eternal suffering or everlasting life. He was bound to the waist of the Demon for all and all his endeavors became his.

I met Haruk and the demon Beelaboob on my way to Jezebel and the pain that was in Haruks eyes matched the pleasure in Beelaboobs eye. The world had literally become red with blood.

When I got to my daughter Jezebel I saw her. Her hair had turned white and she’d become old and feeble. “All the power” I looked at her and the pain that was in me resembled what I felt when I sat by Shine for two years watching her collapse piece by piece.

“Father” she weakly called “Father is you there? Look father…”, she pointed to a wall where someone had been pinned on two nails by the wrists, two by the knee-caps and two by the feet. The blood had dried and the flesh was falling from its bone, the room was filled with hot stench of the body falling.

I got closer and touched the rocks on the wall but my hand got instantly burned “I kept mother warm” I got shocked and horrified, I could not help but break and drop to the ground on my hands and knees. Jezebel was of this world, this evil and blood suited her, I dried the tears from my eyes and stood.

“Father…” She stretched and looked up, I got a clear view of her sewed eyes, the scars that made her body and the wicked smile she showed, she tried getting up and I dived in to help her up, her skin had callused and had cut scars all over.

She clutched my hand and sunk her fingers in and in another voice she said “You will forever remain in this world, death and chaos is all you will see I have seen it father all this blood and mayhem will be your food and replenish, you will try countless times to perish but never will.

Look father this is what you have wrought, this is the seed you planted she tells you of your downfall and becomes your downfall” I tried to release myself but she held on and scratched my skin off, I scram and she laughed, each finger had a trace of skin and as I bled and traced the scars, she touched the blood and said “this is the blood of eternal life” and took it.

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