What if I became Billionaire Jeffrey Kimani.

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What if; right now I got a call and the caller assured me that I have earned a billion in cash. A farfetched dream I’m sure.

Many a times walking home I’ve blindly said “Man I wish I had a billion shillings just for me”.

But, what would I do with it?

Who would I share it with?

Would I publicize it to my friends?

Would I spend it wisely?

These are some of the follow up questions most people don’t think to ask themselves but should the dream become a reality, how would I deal with it?

Most people would lose their minds, I would definitely lose my mind and I would spend a whole hour screaming, shouting in joy. A billion shillings, just for me, 1,000 millions to spend as I see fit. I would get clouded in the excitement and want to touch some of the dough and see if it is real or I’m just dreaming and as soon as I’d place my palm or fingers on it, the money would disappear.

It is a close to impossible for such a thing to happen. So if it does the excitement would be well earned.

A common misconception after such a lucky feat happens is that after the copious amount of money ,is a person would be sorted for life.

Well having not won such an amount myself I wouldn’t know how one would be sorted. But before dialing the office or your supervisor and telling them that the job has served its purpose and you never liked anyone in the workplace and honestly are rather glad that you don’t have to work there anymore, reconsider.

Most people leave their jobs, burning bridges without knowing that in a certain light. Employment is not only about money but about a small feeling of fulfillment and the end month salary which means more money for your billions.

As much as having a big fat wad of money is all the rage, not everyone can budget for anything, not to feel bad but it’s a profession in itself but for a small fee compared to your winnings, a number of experienced financial managers will seek employment and hope to budget for you. One of the things they will often repeat is “Open secret or multiple bank accounts”.

If and in case you see yourself not requiring a financial manager and can budget your finances well enough on your own, it’ll cost some finance manager that small fee.

One thing that is a must do, buy all the things that I never had.

  • A new gaming console
  • a shoe rack
  • shoes that I said were too expensive that one time to fill the shoe rack
  • cloth shopping
  • fancy meats
  • a phone that can multi-task or two phones which means double the multi-task
  • I’d never let my dad worry about money once again
  • my sister a car that can go shopping
  • take her to school like the other girls in her class
  • a full fridge with awesome foods

see I’d buy all the things I wanted. It is not a crime to enjoy some of the money that you have recently come through, sure people will talk and say that I am becoming wasteful with my money but… but it’s too hard to listen to them from my booming new headphones, Yeeeeeeeeeeah!

Friends and loved ones;

it is only natural for a flame to draw warmth and in this case, for it to draw some of the friends I could have sworn I had forgotten. Others I accidentally waved at them one day on my way from school but somehow I’m all they can think about. I bet at some point it’ll become annoying receiving calls and messages from relatives and long lost acquaintances, well it is even without a billion by my side but one cannot avoid all of them or else you are just another a** hole that will soon fall victim to a mugging and I think medical bills are way more expensive.

Winning in such a fashion may be a farfetched dream but should lady luck smile upon you and you happen to be the proud owner of a whopping 1,000 million (a billion). Don’t get sucked in the excitement and number of zero’s or else you’ll lose.

It is not news that some lottery winners met an unfortunate fate after winning a huge sum of money so unless you be wise and spend wiser you may have a fall that hurts deep. Winning a billion or whatever amount doesn’t make you a different person, it just makes you, you.

Only with a billion by your name.

Billionaire Jeffrey Kimani.

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