A class 4 composition of my pet

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During my years at primary school, we were asked to write pointless compositions. I highly doubt Mrs. English teacher really cared about my pet but in case she does here is a redo.

In the rooftops of Komarock estates, stray cats roam freely. Taking smelly dumps, chasing each other up and down constantly and making kittens which become tomorrow’s stray cats.

Most of them live, some are not so lucky. Its a cat eat nothing world out there.

Stray cats live on rooftops by design, its a survival instinct. Between the screaming horde of children chasing them around and pulling their tails, to the incompetent drivers “for lack of a better word” that always seem to run them over, seems like hell for the cats living on the ground.

At our humble abode, we house two female cats. The eldest is a grey cat with hints and dashes of other colours but those come second after being grey.

Originally it belonged to our neighbor and her cat. Mother David had a cat that was called Elizabeth.

I hated that beast but one day, it had a cute litter of kittens that I could care less about.

Every one of those kittens got picked by strangers except one that liked hiding around my door step. One day it found a way inside and I was too lazy to kick it out so it kind of stuck around till it fell asleep.

A beautiful once upon a time story to tell the grand kittens huh?

It enjoyed jumping from seat to seat, running around the house getting inside buckets and spinning around them. When I look it just stared it also enjoys sitting by my lap and purring when I get home, other than the fur it sheds while doing that I enjoy how it trusts me.

Given that I could be blamed for letting it residing in our home, I have to pick after it and constantly feed it luckily with two pieces of meat and a cup full of milk, a cat can survive to the next meal which is either more meat or more milk.

I don’t per say care if my cat comes home every night but when it doesn’t I am not worried because I am confident in what a bad-ass it is. Once it beat three cats which tried to get to know her better and only got scratched once, made for an awesome scar.

I wonder if guy cats dig scars……

As I said, we house two female cats, the second cat is considered the ugliest cat in the whole of Komarock and really not much to look at.

The cat came to our house as a kitten, one night the loudest, most annoying meow was heard and when I opened the door to shoo! it away, I saw a black small thing sneak into our house where the meows continued from under the seats and under the wall unit.

After a whole half hour of pleading for it we finally managed to lure it out with some warm milk and a piece of uncooked meat, the poor thing was so hungry, it didn’t think twice about dashing out and chowing on the meat. After it ate we didn’t have the heart to throw it out, but  my little sister did.

She spends all day and night running around our yard and my dad was feeding it constantly so it grew ever so slowly till now. The black plague, its name, spend it’s time sleeping and running while being avoided by the other cats or avoiding other cats.

The black plague, is always so sick, sneezing and having trouble breathing but since it is afraid of people no one ever catches it to take it to the vet. Poor thing. Maybe one day I’ll catch it and force it to the vet. Maybe she will live out the rest of her nine lives afraid of people. Maybe, just maybe.

I will keep you posted.

The end.

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