To the form one’s : Four years of high school.

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Some young children are about to embark on a four year journey, high school. Reflecting on my time, in a white and grey uniform with black shoes that had the behavior of getting dusty every minute, I’d say it was a life changing period. There I learned a lot of valuable life lessons, most important being, not everyone really cares.

The first year was one to remember though I really want to forget. It held most of my embarrassing moments. It was there that I changed my personality for the better.

The first day I got into the dorm I remember asking for the changing room, that brought a full to a standstill to a noisy dorm, followed by a rowdy laughter which led me to knowing that some things which I had grown accustomed to, were about to change.

First things first,

I knew I was no longer a child. This was a smaller version of the real world with real world challenges, more or less. Some of the rules that applied on my earlier life did not apply in high school so I had to open my mind to the change that was coming, other than classes the environment around is filled with opportunities and a chance for learning various aspects of life.

It is here one knows where his capabilities are; in sports or class and even maintenance.

Being my first time leaving the comfort of home, a lot of things changed and not necessarily for the better. Example my personal hygiene took a turn for the worse but with time I learned how to survive and look super fresh doing it.

Unluckily my shirts didn’t survive that long and wound up with a creamy, beige yellow color. With the things not yet done or experienced and are for the first time being experienced, take them slow or else you’ll trip and loose a tooth.

The second, third and fourth year were a blur, sure fascinating things happened but it’s better left either for memories or another time.

For our new form ones, Huzzah!!! This is the beginning of a four year journey that is entailed with all sorts of emotions and new revelations especially on Illuminati, y’all about to learn some wild new things. 

Things to look out for.

  • Functions

    – any and all. Sports, church services, music and drama festivals. Such are called opportunities, opportunities to meet and court girls and there’s no other way to learn than to go up to a girl and for the first couple of tries make a fool of yourself but after a while, you’ll say your name clearly and she might laugh at two or three of your jokes. There are other purposes to function but I never really even knew what they were, the function itself and meeting girls was all I knew.

  • Shower and toilet

    – Everyone wants to go number 1 or 2 in peace, same with showers. However I saw for the first time in my life door less showers and full lavatories. So it’s wise to get comfortable with your physique fast because if you are shy you may live in eternal damnation (I saw that joke in a Rowan Atkinson skit, don’t know if it held)

  • Games

    – Depending on the game you pick as your favorite, it may place you on a social standing; e.g. in a region where football is mostly played, footballers are likely to draw more functions and attention than basket-ballers or rugby players. Also games help in shaping the physical form of a person, strictly rugby does this the others just help a person keep fit

  • Classes

    – At the beginning, all classes will be compulsory but with time and results, some classes will have to be dropped. Choose carefully which classes to drop and which to rely on, a class may seem simple but none is. They all require effort and utmost focus and they may be your future.

Change is very scary, this is one of the changes that are considered for your benefit and for life so go… go in confidence to your future, oh! And happy new year.

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