Today… I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything : THE LAZIEST DAY

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This is the day, as a person you woke up and stretched your arms ready for the new day but… as you leave the bed you feel weak, unmotivated and worst of all lazy. This is the lazy day, a day in which all sense of ‘do’ leaves and leaves you with the unparalleled desire to just stay in bed and be a lazy pile of goo (whatever that is).

Whatever plans you had, you’d better cancel because everything betrays you. The mind only recalls moments in bed and desperately tries to shut your eyes so as you can go back to the state it yearns, sleep. Your body, that which was to carry you from point A to B betrays you and barely even pulls up the trouser, come on arms and legs. You can feel all the bones, capillaries and arteries in your body slowly sleep, what’s happening? Why can’t I seem to be alive?
You think that’s bad, it’s about to get worse. You are supposed to be motivated today, show ambition and passion but instead your mind rethinks mindless yawns and your bed and your body which is supposed to be a clarification of your awesome is proof of the lazy man stories we read in school.
With every minute, the evening and inevitable night draws closer. You think 9 hours to bedtime, I can make it. Can you? Can you really? The night seems further away and even further when the opportunities and possibilities of the day present themselves. This was the day that, that very important meeting was, that girl, the cute girl at the corner of the class says hi and actually wants a conversation with little tired you. The night cannot come any sooner.
Come to think of it, I feel so lazy to finish this up.

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