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To the form one’s : Four years of high school.

Some young children are about to embark on a four year journey, high school. Reflecting on my time, in a


What if I became Billionaire Jeffrey Kimani.

What if; right now I got a call and the caller assured me that I have earned a billion in

Blessing : The Beginning of a Story .(Part 1)

Since Jacob and Esau, blessings have become valuable in the world unknown yet so valuable. A blessing from a father

Online blogs

What qualifies someone to write something for the public like blogs, a news paper or a magazine? News and news

Slay queens

How to identify a slay queen. The name slay queen/King has been thrown around so much, first of all not

Progress in Relationships

A relationship between two people is founded on the basis of trust, loyalty and none of that. Most relationships are

The Unspoken Rules of Break up

Relationships are the really hard to maintain in this time and age. We have the deputy baes, the claiming to

Bestfriends among dudes

A guy’s bestfriend. It doesn’t come to light as often as it does for our partner species but guys do